The features included in this AI tool are.

The features included in this AI tool are.

Improve vocabulary with suitable synonyms via a thesaurus. The tool also helps you create a compelling sentence by suggesting an active voice. You can track content readability as well as real-time rating scores, plus check for plagiarism before submitting your articles. It is available as a free or paid tool at a price of $9.95/month. In the paid plan, you get more features like: Eloquence improvements experimental suggestions.

Priority email support

Is the perfect AI tool you need to get your content out there and grow your audience. This is also a powerful  new database SEO tool that does all the heavy lifting for you by optimizing your content in real time. It allows agencies, publishers, and even individuals to create valuable articles and make the most of them. It also helps search engines better understand your pages by using semantic optimization to reach qualified customers. Organize all your content effectively and enrich your site using links, images, data visualization widgets like a browser, Geo Map and more. Word Lift helps further engage your readers to increase time on site through relevant content recommendations.

Helping machines better understand your site. 

It suggests that information and data help you create meaningful context while adding semantic markup to text,The artificial intelligence tool will execute  AWB Directory the SEO of your site that will help you to improve our editorial plan. Optimize your content based on search engine requirements and verify your marketing efforts with valuable data from WordLift and WooRank.This GDPR compliant tool also offers a 14-day FREE trial, so give it a try before using it and let’s see how it works for you.

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