But it reaches a very large audience

But it reaches a very large audience

Opens his personal profile on Instagram live, with Chiara Ferragni, inviting viewers to follow him. A strategic move, which earned him thousands of followers in just a few hours. Which means even more visibility on the Sanremo Festival, of which we could define Amadeus as the personification. Influencer marketing also decentralizes Sanremo from TV to move it to social media. And it’s strategic.

The brands that fit into this dynamic

link their identity to an iconic moment of the year and do so Iraq Whatsapp through the voice of a creator, also entering a perhaps more niche” audience, often very loyal. An example of influencer marketing this Sanremo 2024, the 30 interviews with Valeria Angione sponsored by Spotify. There is a story to tell, or rather 30, and there is a voice to do it, that of Valeria, whose community has followed her faithfully for years.

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It is known that the maestro arouses

very positive sentiment during the Sanremo week; an AWB Directory engaging content, i.e. the lounge interview; a trendy format that dominated 2023, namely #GetReadyWith in this case obviously in the company of Peppe! So, if you haven’t seen them yet, run to Instagram at the profile @amazonmusicit From the Instagram profile @amazonmusicit Gamification is also a winner. Fantasanremo, we now know, is nothing other than an incredible amplifier of the Festival.

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