Agency: Dentsu Creative Italy

Agency: Dentsu Creative Italy

They pack elegant clothes and prepare for the city of flowers. “We know, this week you will watch something else. See you next time.” This is the phrase present in the commercial, which highlights, with humour, an important aspect: when there is Sanremo, there is no catalog that matters. Netflix knows this and also stops during the Festival. But he also never misses an opportunity to announce, at the end of the commercial, some of the products that will soon arrive on the platform, keeping curiosity high. All accompanied by an exceptional soundtrack.

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Ritornerai by Bruno Lauzi, which blends perfect Hong Kong Whatsapp with the theme of the commercia Netflix commercial – Agency: LePub VeraLab puts people at the center As skincare partner of this edition (like the previous one), VeraLab tells the moments of daily life of people who are part of the brand’s team. Thus, VeraLab demonstrates that it is close to people and puts them at the center, with the aim of enhancing their every characteristic. And it does so by showing a mirror of that reality, through faces of the brand who, every day.

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Carry VeraLab and its mission forward

Spot VeraLab – Agency: Take-Off Spotify: listen to Sanremo AWB Directory  playlists yes, but with caution Also highly anticipated is the series of Spotify commercials which, in recent years, has always played with the songs competing during the Festival. This year the brand once again invites you to listen to Sanremo playlists, but this time responsibly. After all, we all know that Sanremo distracts us all! During the week we stay up late in front of the TV, every opportunity is a good one to comment on it with friends and above all we listen to our favorite   “inconveniences”! Spot Spotty

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