The importance of cross-media: social media

The importance of cross-media: social media

Festival, the event that makes Italians’ hearts beat is already at the center of media attention. “Another year together”, “Just looking at you still makes me emotional”, “Years pass but I like to surprise you”, are some of the declarations of love take from the first spots of the Festival featuring Amadeus, the artistic director of the Festival, which immediately makes us

 Is loved and the numbers

Last year the Festival final captured the attention of 13 million Iran Whatsapp viewers, with a 65% share and an average of 11 million viewers in the 15-34 age group . It is no coincidence that the event has earned the nickname “Holy Week” among fans! The iconic nature of the event is now well know. And each edition gives us iconic moments – where is Bugo? – which are take

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Expanding the audience traditionally

The more we talk about it, the more the fear of feeling excluded from the AWB Directory conversation grows, from the trending topic of the week. “Oh God, did you hear Chiara Ferragni’s speech?” “yes, incredible” – but no, I hadn’t heard it but I answered yes because everyone talks about it – It’s a week of monopolization of communication. You can’t dodge, but you can get knock

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