It is possible to change your life

It is possible to change your life

You can always turn your life around and find a new place in the world. This is the important message that Lavazza wants to convey with its commercial aired during the Festival. And who better than the “Mare Fuori guys” could help the brand communicate this desire for redemption? In fact, in conjunction with the release of the new season of the series, Lavazza chooses Mare Fuori to talk about a special project. A training program called “A cup of Learning”, a path aimed at young people from difficult with the aim of introducing them to the sector.

Agency: VML Italy MV Line

“We are not familiar with TV commercials” MV Line, a company specialized in

the production of infiltrating and darkening systems against Indonesia Whatsapp insects, presents itself in Sanremo with an advert in which… it demonstrates that it is not familiar with TV adverts. In fact, intermittent audio is the perfect way to underline that you don’t know how to make television adverts, given your specialization in another sector.

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That of the design of mosquito nets, pergolas and awnings. An original AWB Directory and creative method to debut in Sanremo, creating awareness of the brand and leveraging what the company really knows how to do. Here’s the commercial Spot MV Line – Agency: Micidial, creative direction by Maccio Capatonda Baby powder: 20 seconds can make the differencecountdown is almost over, just a few days until Sanremo 2024. Let’s walk through the Festival’s communication together.

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