Kidney cancer

Kidney cancer

Like all organs in the body, the kidneys are exposed to malignant diseases. Although they are not so frequent . Tesearch shows that the number of patients who are sick with malignant diseases in the kidney is increasing. Statistics show that it occurs in 3-5 patients in 100,000 or in Macedonia every year 80 to 100 new cases are discovered. This type of cancer most often appears at an advanced age and is much more common in the male population. There are two types of kidney carcinoma – one attacks the cortex of the kidney . While the other type attacks the kidney medulla . Ducts, renal pelvis and ureters.

What are the symptoms?

Most often the symptoms are quiet and unnoticed. Therefore, it is very important for people South Africa Number Data over the age of 50 to visit a urologist once a year. One of the symptoms that may appear is blood in the urine, which is a sign that something is wrong with yourkidneys. Suffocated pain may appear after the blood . While after CT incision the diagnosis of kidney carcinoma is made. If you have any of these symptoms, immediately go to the urologist. Who, based on the findings, will determine whether surgical intervention is possible. Which intervention technique will be used. and how this will reflect on the patient’s general health.

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How to detect kidney carcinoma

Together with your doctor you will decide on the best medical treatment, which depends on many factors such as the general state of health, type, stage and spread of the disease. Surgical intervention is the primary Sweden Phone Number List treatment that is applied . But the combination of radiotherapy, chemotherapy and immunotherapy is also done. Since the kidneys are paired organs, it is possible to remove the entire kidney, without having any problems for the general health if the other kidney is in order. In most cases, the treatment of patients requires a multidisciplinary approach.

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