Ninety percent of lupus patients

Ninety percent of lupus patients

Lupus is an autoimmune disease and occurs when the body attacks itself, the cells of the ninety percent immune system begin to attack the skin, kidneys and joints. People with lupus suffer from inflammation of the joints or kidney disease. This disease is often difficult to diagnose, because the symptoms are similar to other diseases. But the most characteristic symptom is the reddening of the skin on the face in the form of a butterfly.

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No two cases of lupus are the same. Signs and symptoms may appear suddenly or develop Greece Number Data slowly, may be mild or severe, temporary or permanent. Most patients with lupus have a mild disease that is characterized by episodes when symptoms appear, then the condition improves and may even disappear for a short time. What signs and symptoms will appear depends on the body system that is attacked by this disease.

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With the development of new therapies, today, most lupus patients lead relatively normal lives. Kidney problems occur in half of lupus patients. Also, half of the Cambodia Phone Number List patients develop arteriosclerosis and heart disease. In a small percentage of patients, lupus is a serious disease with morbidity and mortality when the body cannot cope with severe infections, kidney damage and cardiovascular disease.

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