Your heart in 3D

Your heart in 3D

Until now, two-dimensional echocardiography was used in daily check-ups during your-heart-in-3d which some parts of the heart look like a two-dimensional picture. This control has its own disadvantages, due to this two-dimensional representation of the heart. Large differences occur in the measured values ​​of the size of the heart as the measurements depend on the angle from which the heart is viewed. These changes are especially pronounced in healthy, very thin patients, in people with an enlarged chest, etc.

Three-dimensional view

All these shortcomings are Lebanon Number Data overcome with the equipment of the new generation of. Ultrasound machines with three-dimensional view of There fore the heart. During which, some parts of the heart look like a three-dimensional “sculpture” during the control time . With 3D echocardiography, we get real and accurate measurements of the heart’s spaces. Such as volume and tracking of the smallest deviations. Unlike 2D echo which does not have this sensitivity. This is especially important for monitoring effects during treatment.

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Timely assessment will

Dr. Oliver Bushljetiq, interventional cardiologist, explains that in patients with heart attack. There fore we perform a coronagraph as soon as possible and then the closed artery is opened by placing a stent. But the treatment does not end here. But continues with regular heart India Phone Number List checks with echo. Now, with the newest equipment we have in our department, 3D heart echo. It is already a routine part of our daily work. This echo allows the monitoring of all changes in the heart muscle and depending on the results we can change the medicines or their dosage.

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