The benefits of a digital asset management system

The benefits of a digital asset management system

Now that we understand why you should consider implementing a digital asset management system. It’s time to highlight the four main benefits that a DAM system offers fashion and retail companies throughout the product lifecycle. Digital asset management launchmetricsBreakdown of silos. There are many teams within a fashion and retail company that manage product information on a daily basis. Productivity is essential, but so is having a synchronized. Single and standard information workflow for all teams involved . Samples move in and out of departments more quickly through barcode scanning systems or smart RFID labels. The photography team receives samples and products much earlier to produce digital assets.

Significant increase in media impact

The eCommerce team is able to launch these Estonia Phone Number List collections online faer, and the showroom or PR department can quickly distribute the collection galleries through the press and professional public. Bottom line: the market launch is much more agile . The benefits Digital asset management software facilitates the flow of information, increases team productivity and maintains greater control over every sample and product, its location and its destination. Digital asset management Launchmetrics 2. Significant increase in media impact The benefits Caroline Rush, Chief Executive of the British Fashion Council (BFC), said on the occasion of the first edition of London Fashion Week in virtual format. By creating a fashion cultural platform, it is possible to adapt digital innovation to our current needs. We are working on something that can be a global showcase for the future.

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Breakdown of silos

The benefits  as the industry recovers from the pandemic, it seems that a combination of physical and online events is the future for collection launches. Consumers Canada Phone Number List will tend to move to online channels for purchasing. But what will happen to the professional public ? Communicating collections and campaigns to the press, buyers, stylists and other professionals will continue to be necessary to maximize reach. Therefore, using digital galleries or virtual showrooms is another mandatory step that this global crisis has imposed. #3 Maximize sales and editorial opportunities As previously mentioned. Digitally managing all processes carried out by a fashion or retail company offers a great opportunity to control every step of the supply chain. Delays in sample placement

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