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 One Canva secret that will revolutionize your content production If you have a brand font in mind, you should use it here as well. Choose the color of the text so that it stands out from the background color sufficiently. If you want, you can reader’s attention. See my other article for more tips on choosing and using fonts. I’ll add CtA to the picture and an eye-catching colored arrow to point to it.attract and direct the reader’s attention, you should choose the accent color of your color palette as the color of the arrow.

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Read more about creating a color palette in my other article. But the best thing is yet to new database come and here it is When you want to create a , you don’t have to do the whole thing from the beginning again. You can click on the copy button on the right side of the image and …tadaa… you got another similar image. One Canva secret that will revolutionize your content production image to the new image and new texts instead of the old ones. You can easily get a unified the elements in the same place and just replace them with new ones. So don’t change the font, the size of the text or the position of the image, but keep them the same as much as possible. Of course, you can get to the same thing by modifying the same base over and over again, but then you lose the previous versions.

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 If you need to edit old photos, you can’t get them back, you have to start from scratch every time. Download the finished image to your computer in jpg or png format. Personally, I would use jpg because it is smaller in file size. One Canva secret that will revolutionize your content production This allows you to create multiple similar graphics that appear to be of the same series and keep your blog and other communications looking consistent. You can use this nick, e.g., when you create on Canva: covers of a series of guides, Instagram illustration, quote images for a blog or social media, an illustration where you use a watermark Facebook cover images to which you add a changing offer or other message Uses are limited AWB Directory only by imagination! What would you use this tip for? Has Canva taken over yet? No worries! My good friend and colleague Minna Nurminen has made a Canva course for beginners.

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