Your hotel have a mobile-friendly website

Your hotel, Much has been said. And will be said.Therefore,  about the importance of the Internet and new technologies in the future of the tourism and hotel sector. But… How many tourism companies truly have a website adapted to the mobile world ? Aren’t Smartphones one of the most predominant technological advances of the moment? Those are two questions that many businesspeople in the tourism sector should be asking themselves today. Luckily for them it seems that there are many hotels that do have this website adapted to mobile phones. Although personally I could not guarantee ( much less put my hands on the fire) that they are a large majority.

Why does your hotel need a mobile-friendly website?

 In recent times I have had the opportunity to speak with email contact list some tourism entrepreneurs (owners of: hotels. Therefore, tourist apartments. Rural houses. Campsites. etc.) who want to start their establishments in the world of online marketing and social media. Your hotel. But who When we begin to evaluate your online strengths we realize that your website is not one of them Therefore, in this post you will find Why does your hotel need a mobile-friendly website? And does your hotel have a website adapted to mobile phones? Why does your hotel need a mobile-friendly website?Why does your hotel need a mobile-friendly website? It is very difficult to talk about content marketing or a business blog that brings more traffic to a hotel’s website if it does not allow it to be viewed correctly on mobile phones. In addition.

7 Reasons for your hotel to have a website adapted to mobile

these entrepreneurs also want to start or improve their AWB Directory presence on social networks. But taking into account that currently a large majority of these social platforms are used mainly from their applications for Smartphones. Therefore, if the website of our tourism company is not at least responsive, it seems perhaps extravagant to think that we could be attractive or surprise people. those users who visit us from their social networks. To develop a modern and competitive website. you have to think mobile first. Therefore, Share it on As the Buuteeq guys comment on their blog. there is a term in English that has already become popular in many countries “Mobile First”. It has a very clear and easy to understand meaning: “to develop a modern and competitive website.

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