About our articles you can find

About our articles you can find

The brilliance of the campaign There are several reasons why this campaign can be defined as brilliant, in our opinion. The first is certainly the ability to create intrigue and curiosity: the initiative attracts the eye of spectators, who notice the lack of jewels. Furthermore, the posters also attract the attention of those who do not know the series and therefore decide to find out more to understand what it has to do with luxury brands. Considering their installation during Paris Fashion Week, this aspect becomes very relevant. Finally, the campaign fully demonstrates the tone of the series by mixing elegance and suspense. Using these codes allowed a Netflix advertisement to take on the elegance and sophistication typical of luxury brands, creating a true “fake” version of these brands. Netflix and “The art of stealing”.

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A tribute to art We have often seen how Netflix is capable of  Saudi Phone Arabia Number Data creating high-impact campaigns. Between wanting to arouse emotions in those who watch and allowing viewers to live real themed experiences, Netflix has always stood out. Staying on the Lupine theme, another national campaign designed by the platform was “The Art of Stealing”, launched in 2022 with the GONG agency, and then went viral online. Netflix: “The Art of Stealing” The campaign was create in collaboration with the Polish National Museum, which exhibit a fake painting of the Lady with an Ermine by Leonardo Da Vinci. The reason why this painting was chosen is due to its theft during the Second World War, and only recover in 2016. The painting exhibited inside the museum was also depict on the external façade of the museum.

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The answer didn’t take long to arrive, finding itself AWB Directory right before their eyes. In fact, accompanying the lady was a poster depicting Assante Diep, who was holding her necklace in his hand. This detail strongly recalls the series and the protagonist’s passion for necklaces. The image was accompanied by the writing “Merci Madame” and information on the release of the second season. Conclusion With its initiatives, Netflix continues to reconfirm itself as a leader in the sector as well as demonstrating its ability to create effective national campaigns. the campaign, all we have to do is enjoy this new season of France’s most famous thief.

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