At the bottom of the billboards you

At the bottom of the billboards you

October Lupine 3 returned and for the occasion Netflix created a campaign stealing the jewels of some luxury brands. But how? BY MARTINA CURATI CASE STUDIES, DIGITAL, MARKETING Table of Contents Lupine and the jewels stolen from luxury brands The brilliance of the campaign Netflix and “The art of stealing”: a tribute to art Conclusion Don’t feel like reading? Try listening to the article in audio mode Voice Amazon Polly On October 5, the successful series Lupine return with its third season.

The release of the third

and for the occasion Netflix created a brilliant campaign stealing jewels from Russia Phone Number Data the billboards of luxury brands. Campaign posters in Paris The first season of Lupine came out in 2021, and just 28 days later it had reached the record for the most watched non-English-language series ever, with over 70 million views. The series – of French origin – tells the adventures of a thief with great charisma, Assante  Diep, and is inspire Arsine Lupine, a very successful literary character. Lupine and the jewels stolen from luxury brands On the occasion of the third season, Netflix, in collaboration with the French agency Jellyfish France, launched an advertising campaign  watch brands, but with a small peculiarity: there are no jewels.

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Some of the posters are publish on the French Netflix and Lupine AWB Directory Instagram pages. But also on the streets of Paris during Fashion Week. Thus attracting the gaze of high fashion enthusiasts, and not only. The billboards take up the logos, colors and fonts of the brands in question, stealing part of their visual identity and replacing their name with that of the series. The peculiarity is that the theft of jewels is only noticeable thanks to the tan. This gives us some clues about the new season of the series, of which you can find the official trailer below Lupine season 3 trailer Those who were most attentive immediately understood which brands the campaign was referring to.

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