Concept Rome widespread press office Tell

Concept Rome widespread press office Tell

Through traveling festivals around the city’s neighborhoods Giving voice, visibility and resonance to many local activities, small businesses and realities.  Us about Ramadan : what idea was this project born from and what objectives did you set yourself to achieve? ROMADIFFUSA was born with the aim of stripping Rome of its perception of a museum-city with only a glorious past. Showing its widespread and varied contemporaneity, its dynamic currents Its recent and not always visible artistic and cultural manifestations, its hidden corners.

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We do this through a traveling festival that periodically shines the Qatar WhatsApp Number Data spotlight on a different neighborhood, transforming it for 4 days, 24 hours a day, into a creative playground where new and disruptive contents meet historical and traditional locations. To do this. We first build a mapping of the area, search of the most authentic and interesting places and realities. Then we start looking for creative content through public calls for content and cherry picking done by us.

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Finally, we play a sort of tetras between interesting locations and new AWB Directory and contemporary contents. On the one hand promoting what exists in the area (artisans, galleries, traditional taverns, theatres, etc.). On the other, bringing content from outside (artists, creatives, multidisciplinary collectives, etc.). In the process, virtuous networks are create between citizens, institutions, entrepreneurs and artists.


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