It is a project that aims to change the

It is a project that aims to change the

Creating such an appreciated and well-attended event format right from the start is not easy… What strategies have you adopted and what difficulties have you encountered? Conclusion. Would you share three pieces of advice you would give to other professionals who are thinking of launching their own event format? Take-away from the interview with Roma diffuse 1. Listen to people 2. Start again from offline.

Narrative of the Capital

Have an idea and express it as best as possible Don’t feel like reading? Try listening Switzerland WhatsApp Number Data to the article in audio mode  Voiced by Amazon Polly There are approximately 206 thousand Italian small and medium-sized enterprises and approximately 4 million micro ones. Together they represent more than 95% of Italian companies. These are numbers that make you think, especially if we consider the difficulty for each of these to stand out compared to the competition.

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Rome and its dynamic and

Therefore, starting from the concept born and explored in the AWB Directory book by R. Mauborgne and W. C. Kim, we decided to involve different realities (both local and otherwise – both physical and digital only) to tell their identity and the impact they are trying to bring through their work. What is ROMADIFFUSA? ROMADIFFUSA is a project born from Balajiu Studio – a creative studio led by Maddalena Salerno and Sara D Agate that deals with creative strategies,

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