How to get reviews on Amazon cheaply

How to get reviews on Amazon cheaply

It’s curious, I say. To position yourself on Amazon you need ratings and sales . When you start from scratch you don’t have one thing or the other. Therefore the doubt arises. How to get it? amazon reviewsAdobe Stock Photo Rights One thing Amazon doesn’t like too much is sellers proactively asking for reviews for their products. Even pay for it.

How not to get reviews on Amazon How to get

So here’s what everyone does. Give . Therefore, away the product category email list to receive reviews in return . In order not to run the risk of having a penalty from Amazon, you cannot demand it. That is, you cannot say “if you value me, I will give you…”. It’s nothing. Therefore, more than, “I’m giving you this and if you like it, it wouldn’t hurt to leave me a review…” You understand me, right? Another thing is to ask for evaluations in a specific geographical area. 

Difference between functional and emotional Amazon cheaply

However. When I say “economical” in the title of the post AWB Directoryc I don’t mean that it will be free. You will have to give away or offer your product at a great discount. In functional products such as paint, tape, scissors, etc. It may be enough to just offer a large discount rate because sooner or later everyone needs them. Therefore, away.

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