Learn the main printing techniques

Learn the main printing techniques

Packaging printing systems are key to a design that attracts the consumer. Well, although in the imagination the designs are impressive, later it is time to make them a reality in the packaging. And this is exactly where technology and innovation come in. The objective of printing technology is to achieve personaliz packaging that catches the eye and lasts like the first day until the final consumer. Well, it offers the opportunity to design unique packaging for the needs of each consumer. Flexography Here, flexible high-relief plates are used that transfer the image directly. In addition to its high adaptability, its other great advantage is that it supports printing on a wide variety.

Main printing techniques and their uses

Material and on large surfaces. This printing technology is  used in food and beverage packaging, being recomm for packaging such as labels, boxe, bag. milk-crate-printin New printing technologies  in Job Function Email Database many cases come hand in hand with Photo: Freepik Continue reading: Artificial intelligence and its influence on food packaging Gravure Also known as rotogravure, it is a printing system that uses a cylin where image previously record. From here, the cylinder is responsible for transferring the ink to a moving paper band directly. In the past it was us for printing newspapers and has historically enjoyed great popularity in.

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Digital printing

The world of packaging. Currently, gravure is mainly used for magazin, postcards and corrugated cardboard, ideally for large runs. It is a direct process from a file in digital . Format to paper or other materials, generally using . Media such as ink or laser. Among its advantages is cost savings (although with nuances), since it does not require . The design and acquisition of plates, and its versatility, since you can print different packaging or simply adapt it. It is recommend for personaliz prints and small runs, achieving high quality results AWB Directory in terms of sharpness and brightness. Lithography It is the printing technique of tracing a drawing, text or photo on metal or stone, although in practice aluminum plates are usually used, thus obtaining films, paper and cardboard. Normally a rubber.

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