How to combine Search Console and Analytics

Steps to combine Search Console and Analytics data in Data Studio Step 1: Unify the data Create a custom field in the Google Analytics feed to include the domain, since in Search Console URLs go with a domain and in Analytics they go without a domain. With which we unify the format. Eye! Use the “Landing Page” field from Google Analytics and not the “Page” field since if we want to combine data from Search Console, we will have to use the destination page and not all the content of the website. Even doing a pre-filter of only organic traffic would be cool… I’ll leave it there.

Steps to combine Search Console

Create the combined data source Create a combined category email list data source where we will say that the combining fields are date and URL in Search Console, and date and combined URL in Google Analytics so that they make the match and combine. Step3: Choose the metrics Choose which metrics we want in our new data source. In the case of the example we take impressions, clicks and CTR from Search Console and Google Analytics sessions. Step 4: Save the font Save the data source. Step 5: Use it in your graphics Use that combined data source as the data source for our chart. Conclusions As you can see, Google.

category email list

Use it in your graphics

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