What is cyberprotector and how to make your life

What-is Imagine that you and I decide to correspond. We send letters to each other in sealed envelopes and the postal company is responsible for delivering them. TRUE? Of course, the postal company claims that they never look inside the envelopes but, well, for billing reasons they keep a record of the envelopes we send to each other. Although they assure us, there is no real guarantee that a postman, at any given moment, will not open the envelopes and take a look. Or someone posing as a postman. Or the truck driver… Are you following me.

Key benefits and features

This is how our Internet connection basically  works. Using top industry data  is something like having a particle teleporter in your house and mine . Or vice versa. You bring the letter into your house, press a button and it disintegrates into what-is particles. The particles circulate through space, illegible, inert, until they reach my house where they materialize in the letter. Do you follow me? No one but you and me can read it. The same thing happens when we are on an open Wi-Fi. Do you know what it means? To have a private conversation in a room full of people.

top industry data

Secure and anonymous connection

Who assures you that no one AWB Directory is listening because of the (have you seen? It’s not the same if you change the b for the v…) Well, with the Ciberprotector VPN it is as if we were speaking in code. Only you and I understand each other, no matter how much they listen to us. Oh, puritans, hackers, brothers-in-law… Forgive me for the crude explanation but… Have you more or less got it? Secure management of your passwords and notes Yes, everyone recommends that we not use easy passwords, with our known dates, surnames, etc. In fact, they tell us not to use the same password for everything. But how do they expect us to remember them all? We’ll have to keep them written down.

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