Weborama reinforces its alliance with Audiencerate to offer Segments

Weborama reinforces the alliance between the two Adtechs will allow agencies and advertisers to combine Weborama ‘s advanced targeting precision and semantic contextual data with Audiencerate ‘s global integration with Google DV360 and Adform. Therefore, Weborama data can be easily activated.
Therefore, significantly improving operational management. The effectiveness of advertising campaigns,” explains Mykim Chikli, CEO EMEA at Weborama

Need of an additional technical configuration

Weborama and Audiencerate category email list have strengthened their alliance that will allow all media buyers.
Therefore, who use Google’s DV360 (Display & Video 360) and Adform’s DSP, to access Weborama’s data segments directly. Natively, without the configuration . Thanks to Audiencerate’s integration tool, agencies and advertisers can carry out targeted advertising by leveraging the quality
Therefore, accuracy of Weborama user profiles regarding key life events, interests and purchase intentions.

Effective results in their programmatic campaigns

This collaboration allows Weborama to AWB Directory offer its semantic data segments to all buyers.
Therefore, using Audiencerate’s data platform, giving them access to the right audiences to better optimize.
Therefore, obtain more effective results  campaigns. This collaboration comes at an opportune time, when market players need to access and activate effective and accurate data “with all the data challenges we are currently facing. It is very important that marketers have access to stronger segments. Therefore, unique depending on your chosen market,” says Filippo Gramigna , who is CEO of Audiencerate.

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