The generation of new business languishes again in agencies

The generation of new business inevitably dried up two years ago in agencies with the onset of the pandemic, but in 2021, just a year after the health crisis, the advertising industry began to sprout green shoots again. However, last year’s recovery may have ended up being a mere mirage after all . This is concluded by a recent study carried out in the United States and Canada by the consulting firm RSW/US .

43% of the agencies consulted in the report confess

This year than in 2021 when it comes industry email list to generating new business. And only 17% boast that it will be easier for them to attract. New customers in 2022 than in the previous year. This figure contrasts with that reported in 2021. When 38% of agencies admitted to having an easier time generating new business than in 2020. The RSW/US investigation highlights in any case that the generation of new business in agencies is approaching pre-covid levels after the abundant “hemorrhage” suffered in 2020. In 2019, before the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Agencies have difficulty establishing contact with new clients

On the other hand, 32% of agencies AWB Directory assure that opportunities to generate new business have grown this year. While 26% regret that these have decreased. However, in 2021 the percentage of agencies that saw growth in the number of opportunities to grow their business rose to 51%. Even so, the absence of opportunities is not the main obstacle that agencies encounter when it comes to growing their business. But rather the difficulty in breaking through. Establishing contact with new clients. The generation of new business by agencies is also hindered by their own inability to connect with the right person within the advertisers. And this is also greatly influenced by the lack of personnel . After all, only 32% of agencies have bothered to hire a full-time new business director over the course of the next three years.

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