How to improve the user experience of your site

The checklist, best practices and mistakes to avoid on your company pages so as not to lose customers.
If it is true that even in 2021 the site proves to be the essential tool . For corporate communication and marketing, it is also true that it must be built in a certain way.

What every entrepreneur wants is to be noticed by the public . Yet, what many entrepreneurs miss is that. The customer needs to be welcomed, guided and pampered .

People should have a pleasant experience when approaching a company. Its products and services. An experience that also passes through the site.

Which is why you need to make sure everything on your site is working properly. Some elements, in fact, help people stay on the site and influence the public’s preference. Others make them flee. Result, missed sale.

What are the characteristics of a good site?

User experience is on everyone’s lips. We talk about its necessity, advantages and how to design it appropriately. Latest Database We experience online browsing firsthand every day. we are users of other sites and we have become accustomed to a certain type of welcome. When something doesn’t work as we expect we are. ready to quickly abandon the pages. It happens to everyone. Avoid letting your audience find themselves in this unpleasant situation. Put him at ease, on a site that respects these elements :

clear and immediate communication.
clear positioning about the target, i.e. who you are addressing.
the company’s goal is clearly presented, also through CTAs.

The contents of the website

A typical mistake for many companies is to start from the assumption. that everyone already knows what they are talking about. In reality it’s the exact opposite: build your site specifically to let people know what you do . AWB Directory So ask yourself: is what you do immediately clear to those who land on your pages? Are the products and services described fully and in plain English? Can the user understand the actions to be performed? In short, provide all the details, even those that seem trivial to you. And do it in understandable language . Reduce technicalities and avoid big words. We suggest one last trick: give prominence to the contents that are essential for you . Make your focus concepts stand out in the titles or expose them with the help of icons.

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