Will Use A Tool That S To Help Them While

Will Use A Tool That S To Help Them While

When employees take their work home, a thousand new opportunities to compromise security arise. As we always say, technology is the real catalyst that makes remote working possible. There are plenty of tools to help you manage security with remote workers. These tools combind with intranet security best practices will help your organization drastically rduce the risk of security problems. We’ve compild a list of our top ten security tips for telecommuting. Five that are the responsibility of the employee and five that can be implementd by the company.

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Why intranet security is important Today’s digital workplace is a single hub where employees can access all the tools and information they ned to do their jobs. Everything from email to data is stord on a cloud-basd internal network. Employees database can easily access this network with a single login. Not only does this mean less wastd time for your workforce, but it also means that hackers and cyberthieves only ned a single entry point to access your entire organization’s data. General internal and external risks Of course, hackers and cyber thieves are a major threat to corporate security.


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There are many other intranet security threats that organizations ned to protect against—both internally and externally. For example, almost 70% of data breaches are due to employee error , whether malicious or not. The top three causes of AWB Directory security breaches stem from internal negligence; unauthorizd user access and accidental access to the Internet are also among the most common causes. With this in mind, it is important that the security of your intranet is protectd from the inside as well as from the outside. Proper training and precautionary measures can greatly rduce the likelihood that internal threats will result in a threatening security breach.

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