Webinar Or Making A Request From A Client

Webinar Or Making A Request From A Client

That is why negative opinions can prevail over the decision on potential cooperation. And you want to “play with the best”, right? Area 3: Employees and Candidates Fact: People want to work in a friendly environment. The survey conducte by the portal shows that only 14% of candidates have never checke opinions about the employer online. This means that as many as 86% of people did it! In addition, every third candidate checks company reviews before submitting their CV, and 37% do so just before the interview. What can negative reviews mean for your business.

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Problems with recruitment – extende search time and higher costs. High employee turnover in the company , which is also associate with devoting additional time to onboarding and costs (meical examinations, work clothes, training). Low database competences of potential candidates – people with adequate experience will move to competition that has a better image. Do you want to end the spiral of false information about your company? We know how to help you! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you How to fight negative opinions? The fight against unflattering comments about the company should be conducte on many fronts. Among the most effective solutions are.


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Option 1: Referral marketing Chip Bell once said, “Loyal customers will not only come back, not only recommend you to others, but FORCE their friends to do business with you.” Use their energy and implement referral marketing in AWB Directory your company. The essence of referral marketing, also known as referral marketing, is to motivate consumers to share their experience. Implementation does not require financial outlays, but time and energy – yours and the recipients of your offer. With minimal effort, you can gain a strong promotional tool that will translate into profit for the company. We recommend Company ambassador – do you nee one? Option 2: Brand Defense Strategy What is the Brand Defense Strategy.

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