Engagement in RRSS: What is it and how to improve it

Engagement in RRSS: What is it and how to improve it

ho hasn’t met a friend and they were answering WhatsApp messages all the time and had to say: “Dude, are you meeting me or your cell phone”? It’s not our friend’s fault, it’s ours. And why do I say this? Because we are not getting his engagement and his mobile is. We all spend our lives seeking the engagement of those around us. In a meeting, with our partner, friends, at work… even if we are not aware of it A qualitative piece of social media analytics data, perhaps the most important, that needs to be measured and analyzed in order to know how we are managing our social networks. It tells us the “quality” of our fans. Much more relevant than the number, which is only quantitative data. What good is having a large number of fans if they never react to any impulse? In social media, and specifically on Facebook, if we get our users to respond with a “like”, good; If they make a comment, the better; and if we get them to share our content, all the better. But a user “clicks” on what he likes, that defines him. Therefore, by analyzing which messages he responds to best, we will know what he is like. But achieving engagement is not easy.

What is engagement on social networks

In social media you have to win over people day by day. And to Canadian Hospitals Email List achieve this we must generate valuable content. And this is the great challenge of every community manager . 9 tips to improve engagement on social networks In previous posts we saw how to successfully energize both a Facebook and Twitter page . But it doesn’t hurt to make some recommendations that will help us improve our engagement: Know your fans . Analyze with Facebook Insight tools which posts have obtained the greatest reach and why.  Design a related content strategy . Knowing which content works best, generate content that follows that line. By content: humor, sex and nostalgia always work. In terms of format: images work much better than simply a sentence or a video. Call to action. Publish content that invites participation: “Share this photo if you too…”, “A “like” if you woke up in a good mood toda.”, questions, games of guessing a word, completing a sentence .

9 tips to improve engagement on social networks

You will overwhelm your fans and they will most likely choose to unfollow AWB Directory the page. Choose the best time to post. Although in my experience, there is no time that is better or worse, it depends on the community. Well, yes, starting at 9 pm, the publication will surely go down with more pain than glory as soon as it is published. But for example, if we manage a brand aimed at mothers, possibly the time that works best is first thing in the day, before the children wake up. Formats that work best. Videos uploaded directly to Facebook are the content that performs best, followed by images. Facebook doesn’t like us diverting traffic to other sites, so it avoids sharing YouTube videos. Always upload them directly. Likewise, if you share a link, make sure the image and text pique users’ interest. Finally, note that publications shared directly from another fan page have practically zero reach, as are text-only publications. The themes that guarantee success are humor, nostalgia and content that generates identification or adds value .

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