Finding prospects with Google and search operators

Finding prospects with Google and search operators

One of the easiest ways to find link prospects is to use Google with the help of some advanced search operators. Use terms that are relevant to your business or niche and add modifiers like “guest post” or “write for us” to narrow down the results. Plus, if you use Ahrefs’ SEO Toolbar, you can see important site metrics like DR right in the search results, helping you narrow down prospects even faster. There are many search operators you can use to help you build a comprehensive prospect list. As an example, let’s look at some search operators you can use if you are finding prospects for guest blogging.

Finding prospects with Content Explorer

Another great way of finding link prospects is by using Ahrefs’ Content Explorer. It allows you to find content on relevant topics. This Office 365 Email List particular method for finding link prospects is great because it works for a number of different link building tactics. First, using the “Pages” tab can help you find relevant content for potential niche edits. Also, if you visit the page and use Ahrefs’ SEO Toolbar, you can easily find invalid links for broken link building. Moreover, with the “Authors” tab, you can find relevant authors and influencers to reach out to when starting a digital PR campaign.

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Finding prospects with Web Explorer

Ahrefs’ new Web Explorer tool is a game changer for link building and is perfect for link prospecting. The tool allows you to AWB Directory do a number of different things that make finding link prospects quick and easy. For example, you can find pages that are getting backlinks with specific keywords in the anchor text or topic-specific blogs that accept guest posts. My personal favorite (as someone who does a lot of digital PR) is the fact you can find pages with unlinked brand mentions. You can simply export the results and reach out to a site, requesting it to add a link because it’s already mentioned your site!

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