Four months with intermittent fasting – update of observations

Four months with intermittent fasting – update of observations. It seems that intermittent fasting has already become part of my daily routine. At least from Monday to Friday because he paused the weekend so he could eat “normally” with the family. Last time a comment arose that this was still called “prolonged fasting.”

I have regained weight

I have regained weight In the first weeks it is true that I had lost some weight. We are talking about 2 kilos. Since I have never email contact list  weighed much it was significant. My strategy was to eat as many calories as possible during dinner. It is also true that I do not eat what could be called 100% healthy but I certainly do not eat what I consider junk food.

The eating experience is very good

The eating experience is very good In the initial phase, the thought arose several times a day that I wanted to eat, even if it was brief and temporary. This has lately been reduced to practically zero. It’s also true that my days go by quickly. Too fast if you ask me. At dinner I eat with gusto. Come on, it’s not surprising AWB Directory going 23 hours without eating. If I compare it with the weekend I notice that there is an important difference.

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