Why I have decided to start a Tesla rental company

Why I have decided to start a Tesla rental company. A new thing. For a change. It is the fifth German SL that I have ridden in less than five years. I seem to like launching new companies. The reason for this is simple: it amuses me but it also helps me optimize my finances. For this everything has to come out. In an optimal case we will already be making the first rentals in March. Let’s see if we are lucky.

Tesla's new rental SL

Tesla’s new rental SL Last week I reserved two Teslas. A model 3 and a model Y. Yesterday I started to look at the issue of financing, which will not be easy at all. In fact, if the issue of financing fails I have to rethink email database things. For now and as always I remain optimistic. This will turn out anyway. Right now it’s time to be quick because there is a window of opportunity to receive these cars as early as March.

The synergies I have with this company

The synergies I have with this company I already know the business model. I always describe it as an Airbnb for cars. It is something that is having more and more momentum and from what I have seen, read and seen, I trust that it will continue on that path. When I say that I already know the business model, I am AWB Directory  referring to properties in which I have been investing for quite some time. If the figures more or less come out, the profitability with cars could be better than that of real estate.

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