Change something to boost your creativity and productivity

Change something to boost your creativity and productivity

This post is a reflection on how a simple change in our work routine can enhance the development Change something of our creativity and productivity. If you know me, you will know that I always start my posts by telling you something fun or, at least, relaxed and everyday. But not today, today I can’t. Today I do not feel happy after seeing what has happened in France . I can’t believe these things still happen, in these times. A real shame. So this post goes to #CharlieHebdo, because freedom of expression is non-negotiable . As a blogger, whose passion is to communicate, I feel affected, angry and sad. Now the post. A small change in your routine Stop for a moment to think. How many hours do you spend in front of your computer screen? How long doing the same things? Repeating very similar tasks? With the same open programs?

Some suggestions that you can carry out.

Change the desktop background, window color and font of your Operating System. Windows, Linux and Mac (any operating system) offer different customization options. Some are themed and others simply allow you to change some colors. But the fact is that, even if it is changing the color of the windows, it is enough for that effect category email list Change colors in your email program. Do you use Outlook or Thunderbird to manage email? Well, change the colors, whatever it is, make a small change. If you use Gmail or any other web client, then you are in luck because they all offer color themes. Go to settings and change it. Change the theme of your Web browser. 

Conclusions Change something

Yes, I know, perhaps it would have been better not to write a post than to write one that neither talks about the usual topic nor with “my usual style.” But then I wouldn’t have left a trace of my opinion. TRUE? Now, jopelines, if I want I can arrange it so that it has a lot to do with our activity, as Bloggers and as “Marketers” . Yeah? Because we spend a lot of time in front of the same applications, a lot of time under relative pressure doing the same things and because, whether we are one or the other, creativity is a requirement in our daily lives. TRUE? Well you’ll see, do it and you’ll see. Spend half an hour of nothing making changes, don’t pay AWB Directory too much attention to whether you are choosing the right settings, or the best ones, just change things and see . You will do it? Will you try to do it? Will you please tell me what effect it has had in the next few days? Tell me tell me! (and don’t forget to come back…)

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