YouTube Is Adding ‘Handles’ To Usernames. What’s The Catch For Creators And Brands?

YouTube Is Adding ‘Handles’ To Usernames. What’s The Catch For Creators And Brands?

As  grows, more platforms want to look like (and be like) it. Hence, the introduction of YouTube Shorts is no coincidence. Now, the biggest platform for videos is going to adopt the @username handles for creators and channels—which is not something that came from  as basically all the main social channels like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter also use it.

This is going to be the new way of sharing the name or  of a YouTube Channel. 

A unique handle for your YouTube Account

Just like Twitter, Instagram, and , the username must be unique. 

However, the developers understand that some creators already have personalized URLs for their channels. In these cases, there is no need telemarketing list to update links. They will automatically be redirected to the creator. 

In theory, here are some improvements we will see after this update:

It is going to be easier to mention a creator;

It will help reachability;

There will be a distinct presence and branding opportunity on YouTube.

What’s new about it?

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The handles itself offers nothing new. I remember how Twitter was the first in popularizing these features. It was very easy to remember AWB Directory the username of your friend or favorite artists you wanted to follow. 

However, some users have shown some discomfort about not being able to change their handle as quickly as some users. This means if you have a very common name such as “John Doe” you might have a hard time trying to find a new username. So, you have to be very creative.

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