The canonical content tag uses a simple and consistent

The canonical content tag uses a simple and consistent

 Authoritative content tag long form ? The canonical content tag uses a simple and consistent syntax and is place in the <head> section of the web page be clear. The meaning of each part is as follows:  this tag are the master (authoritative) version of this page. Href: the authoritative version can be found at this url. Why is the canonical content tag so important for seo? Google doesn’t like duplicate content because it makes selection difficult for them: which page version to index? (they will only index one!) which page version comes out on top for relate queries? Should “Link equity” be consolidate into one page.

This means that google may end

 Or split between multiple page versions? Besides. Too Turkey Phone Number Data much duplicate content will also affect your “crawl quota”. up wasting time crawling multiple versions of the same page instead of uncovering other important content on your site. The truth about crawl quotas? Of course. You should avoid letting google waste time crawling duplicate content as much as possible. However. Google says this is a piece of cake for most websites. If new pages tend to be crawle on the day they are publishe. Then crawl quotas are not something webmasters nee to be concerne about. Likewise. If a site has fewer than a few thousand urls. It will be crawle effectively most of the time.

If you don’t specify a canonical content

 Authoritative content tags solve all of these Vietnam Phone Number List problems. They let google know which page version you want to index and rank. And where to solidify your “link equity” position. Faile to specify canonical content page url? Google will resolve this issue itself .  page url. We’ll identify what we think is the best version or url. It’s not a good idea to rely solely on google like this. They may choose a version of the page that you don’t expect to be authoritative. Important hint google states that they generally respect the authoritative page url you set. But there are exceptions. Note that even if you explicitly designate your canonical page.


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