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Which cannot With those emotions, when it comes to understanding the real states of mind of the individual. It is also necessary to analyze his microexpressions . Thus, through a path that originat from a contextualization of the scientific bases. Of reference and a subsequent exposition of the role play by facial expressions in communication and marketing, Dr. Salese gave a lot of space to the enumeration of the universally widespread basic. Emotions and the methodologies for recognizing these emotions. The theory was subsequently accompani by a practice session in which participants. Were given the opportunity to immiately practice the notions learn, testing their ability to recognize frontal microexpressions.

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

A good part of the seminar was also dicat to the presentation of questions and reflections by the public. Thus allowing an alternation of lecture moments with moments of discussion, just like during a live seminar. Not verbal communication Also for the second seminar, the path follow the same process in which spaces. For theoretical exposition were alternat with spaces for discussion and dialogue . The first hour was dicat to describing the psychological principles of non-verbal communication and explaining. The basic rules for reading automatic communication seo expater bangladesh ltd signals, starting from those of the face up to those of the legs. There were moments of practical exercise, to be able to insert the set of notions learn. Into daily reality, making it even more digestible and simplifying memorization.

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The importance of such a subject is immiately identifiable body communication is not only fundamental. In the scientific and work fields, but above all in the social field . Entering into relationships with other subjects is human nature, but being able to understand. What your interlocutor is AWB Directory really feeling during a conversation, since you have learn. The methodology to do so, brings the individual to a higher stage of understanding and empathy towards the next. Participation in these seminars represent an enrichment in every respect for all the participants. Not only as communication professionals, but above all as people.

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