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Links to examinations of employees – issues discusse: Employer’s obligations Preventive examinations of employees. In the light of the provisions of the Labor Code Initial medical examinations. Periodic and check-up medical examinations Case law New wording of the regulations on medicalF of trademark protection rights ifirma  Blog ABC of theentrepreneurInfringement of trademark protection rights Are you wondering what a trademark infringement is and what it means? In this article, base on the Act of June , – Industrial Property Law, we will explain this issue. Infringement of protection law – issues discusse Infringement of a well-known trademark Marking goods with a counterfeit mark.

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Claims in the event of infringement of trademark protection rights Who can make what claim philippines photo editor and with what. Summary Infringement of a well-known trademark Pursuant to the provisions of Art. Industrial property rights The owner of a trademark commonly known in the territory of the Republic of Poland may request, subject to Art. section point , to stop using an identical or similar mark in relation to identical or similar goods, when such use may mislead the recipients as to the origin of the goods. A claim to order the cessation of the use of a mark identical or similar to a well-known mark.

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In relation to identical or similar goods, when such use may mislead the recipients as to the origin of the goods, is not entitle if the owner of the well-known trademark, being aware of its use, is not entitle to he did not oppose it cf. art. section point of utility property rights . So what is a well-known trademark? Court decisions indicate that a well-known mark should be identifie not only with a specific product, but also with a specific AWB Directory entrepreneur. There is no doubt that a widely known mark will be one that is known to at least half of the actual and potential buyers.

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