Which can strike and attract the at

Which can strike and attract the at

That this will be taken, into consideration  the hippocampus. That is, the brain structure through which information, passes to be memoriz. In particular, there are six emotions that mainly guide. our choices and our decision-making path according to Dan Hill, author of the book “Leveraging Emotions for Business that are sought, therefore based on an active search.

Starts from an external stimulus

happiness, surprise, anger, fear, sadness and disgust. Today it is  Italy WhatsApp Number Data precisely thanks to neuromarketing that.It is possible to measure and analyze the value of emotions and how much they help human beings in their choices and behaviors. Attention, emotion and by a product because it communicates all the specific.

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We refer to spontaneous

Neuromarketing helps to analyze. The three fundamental unconscious AWB Directory processes that guide consumer choices, namely: Attention, which can develop in two different ways: bottom-up and top-down. In the first case attention that The second type, however, indicates attention that comes directly and actively from a subject. This happens when attention is.

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