What is Content Planning? Check Out These 12 Tips For Your Strategy

What is Content Planning? Check Out These 12 Tips For Your Strategy

Buyer personas enable you to comprehend the pain points and desires of your readers better. This empowers you to do a more effective job of appealing to those particular wants with your content. 

Most companies create one to three buyer personas. The buyer persona should cover the age range, sex, habits, values, employment, and pain points of your ideal customer. 

An example of a buyer persona is:

Tiffany is a 27-year-old influencer living in a big city. She shops on a daily basis, both online and in person. She values good friendships and has a vast social network. She struggles with finding new products to promote on her social media channels.

Choose Your Brand Voice

Everywhere that readers interact with your business, the brand voice should be consistent. Whether they view an Instagram post, a Facebook post, or read one of your blog posts, it needs to read as if it came from your company. 

A brand’s voice is like a personality for your buying phone numbers business. It includes tone, point of view, and message. For example, your brand voice might be formal, and in the first person. 

makes it simple for businesses to direct brand voice. When you place a content order. You simply check off what brand voice you want the writer to create content in. Once you decide on your brand voice and you’ve ticked all the appropriate checkboxes, you can save your order as a template.

Conduct Competitor Analysis

Since the dawn of commerce, companies have been curious about what their competitors are doing. Before the digital age, a business might have sent someone to a competitor’s store to see how they attract customers. 

Now, there are lots of AWB Directory online tools to accomplish the same feat. Competitor analysis lets you kind of leapfrog ahead so you can quickly assess what others are doing and decide if you want to do something similar.

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