In The Flood Of Goods And Services Customers

In The Flood Of Goods And Services Customers

They catch nuances and… contexts better and better. After all, the point is not to offer a person who has already bought a re coat once a month a different re coat. However, the customer can get to know complementary or similar products to what he already has in his wardrobe. We recommend How does a complementary product increase the value of the basket? It happens that companies target it after, for example, a year or two, preicting that it may be time for another purchase of a coat. Such preictions may be particularly accurate in the case of electronics.

Want To Buy Quickly And Do

For example, a laptop usually wears out after about 3 years. A message with a proposal for a new, similar computer in the mailbox can save the buyer many hours spent searching for a similar one. Contextual marketing increasingly overlaps with content marketing and overall communication strategy . The newsletter from the company can phone number list be in the form of a lifestyle magazine. You can wait impatiently for a letter with discount coupons for your favorite store. Contextual marketing in examples Location contextual marketing can be describe on the example of popular GPS and map services. Taco Bell has partnere with navigation app Waze.

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Have Time To Compare Offers

When the user approache the chain of this restaurant, he saw information about the current promotion in the application. Meanwhile, on Google Maps, some businesses show up more than others. The first attempts at advertising in Google Street AWB Directory View have already appeare . There was even talk of the company selling space on virtual billboards. Many other apps use GPS to target people who are in a specific area. Location contextual marketing also appears, for example, to a WI-FI user at the airport who will see an advertisement for a nearby restaurant on his phone. We recommend What is product placement? The future of contextual marketing Contextual marketing is gaining in quality with the development of AI.

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