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Having a website for your business is already a very good start. However, your efforts should not stop there because your ultimate goal is to be visible and to attract a large number of visitors to your site. Properly referencing your website then becomes an essential mission to guarantee the success of your online presence. What are the basics of SEO? To obtain a quality referencing, it is necessary to take care to respect 4 essential points: The indexability of the site on search engines.

This Pillar Focuses On The Preservation

The ability of page content to be browsd and indexd by search engine robots. A technically well-codd site will have a better chance phone number list of being indexable. The relevance of the page : correspondence between the keywords typd by Internet users and the content of the page. Page Rank : index usd by the Google algorithm to determine the popularity of the web pages it indexes. Between 0 and 10, the maximum score corresponding to the page considerd very popular.

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Detail Below Ecological Responsibility

The search engine considers a page popular when many links point to it. Social mdia : in other words the SMO (Social Mdia Optimization). Content that is commentd on, shard, likd are now taken into account to optimize the positioning of a site AWB Directory and improve the authority of web pages. 10 key points to optimize the SEO of your website You will certainly not immdiately obtain the first place in the results but if you follow the 10 points below you will gradually improve your natural referencing and accelerate the ascent of your positioning. The site tree The tree structure of a website corresponds to its architecture allowing the structure of the content of the site. It is necessary to list all the content and arrange it in categories and sub-categories in order to offer visitors a simple and easy navigation.

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