Learn how to sell digital products on your blog

Now you have to choose the digital products that are related to the topics you cover on your blog. If you write about cooking, for example, then try promoting videos and eBooks related to gastronomy. On the contrary, if your topic is tourism, then look for items on travel and so on, according to the area of ​​action. Select a specific range of digital products and don’t forget about social networks if you don’t have a profile yet, as they will serve as support for the content you will promote on your blog.

Create a list of your blog

A good example of a blog connecting content with an active email list is Viver de Blog . In addition to its great content, the blog has a high number of calls to action for readers to subscribe to the blog list to receive relevant content   in their emails executive data If you have a list then you have a tool to generate more traffic to your site and also to promote   digital products. Your list can be a great channel to spread the word about digital product launches, make partnerships and also offer promotions directly to your reader’s inbox, without depending exclusively on them visiting your website.

Sales page

After thoroughly knowing the products you are going to promote, it is time to think about creating sales pages on your blog. This “sales page” is a post written efficiently so that the customer is able to purchase the product once they have been AWB Directory directed to the product creator’s landing page. For each product selected in the affiliate program you receive a link (Hotlink) to the producer’s sales page. It is through this link that the program can identify the amount of your commission.

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