Instagram announces a new in-app scheduling feature

As a marketer, I admit that this was one of the most anticipated features for me on Instagram. Several other platforms, such as and , already provide the option of scheduling posts in their application, but Meta still lacks in this department (especially on Instagram).

The new feature is a huge facilitator for brands and content creators, as it eliminates the need to use another tool to schedule posts, thus allowing the process to be simpler and with a smoother experience.

And there’s more on the “Instagram news” department

In addition to launching this new scheduling tool, Instagram also announced, through the same post, the launch of new “Achievements” to encourage Reel creations on the platform. 

Creators will be able to unlock phone lists achievements for specific actions, such as collaborating with another creator on a reel, engaging with the community by making reels more interactive, running more than one reel a week, and/or using trending audio and effects. Thus, content creators will be notified by the platform when they are able to unlock an achievement after publishing some successful reels. 

This is one of the strategies that Instagram is starting to use in order to compete with more “strength” against .

The update that comes to add (a lot!) to marketing strategies within Instagram

Instagram announced this week, in a post on its official account, a new content scheduling feature for all professional accounts. 

This new feature allows brands AWB Directory and content creators to schedule their posts directly in the app up to 75 days in advance, freeing professionals from dependence on third-party applications or the Creator Studio for this purpose.

To use the new feature, users will need to access “advanced settings” when creating a new post, activating the “schedule this post” option, and selecting the time and date they want it to be published on. Scheduled posts can be seen in the “scheduled content” section accessible from the menu. The tool will also allow you to reschedule the content, if necessary. 

Instagram did not mention whether personal accounts will also have access to the in-app scheduling tool. 

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