REGULATIONS RELATED caal will not be register or will be register in an amount. Lower than specifi in the resolution – in part constituting the difference between the tax paid and the. Tax due on the increase in the share caal disclos in the register of entrepreneurs. The mortgage was not enter in the land and mortgag register. IMPORTANT – tax is not refundable after year from the end of the year in which. It was paid. refund in the event of withdrawal from the contract. The doctrine rightly points out that the circumstances. That l to the annulment of a civil law transaction or that did not produce legal effects.

The termination REGULATIONS RELATED contractual

Relationship are not grounds for a refund. Tax refund is also out of the question, even if as a result of various events modifying or destroying. The existing legal relationship, the intend economic result or other effect was not achiev, . withdrawal from the contract. Termination philippines photo editor of the contract as S. Tax on civil law transactions. Comment, Warsaw , art. . The above is confirm by case law, for example: in the judgment of the Provincial. Administrative Court in Gdańsk of March file I SAGd.

The basis for the refund

Tax on civil law transactions is not the parties’ withdrawal from the contract. Since the complainant did not submit a declaration of will. To avoid the consequences of the legal act perform, there was no. Relative invalidity of the legal act perform in the case. A written declaration AWB Directory of will to avoid the legal consequence of an action perform under the influenc of error cannot be replac by the testimony of witness whom the complainant request to be heard by the authority. in the judgment of the Provincial.

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