SEO Cannibalization Why avoid it on your website

In the world of digital marketing, there is frequent talk about the importance of SEO optimization in a brand’s content and how essential it is to repeat keywords in content. This is to attract the interest of desire customers. SEO Cannibalization Why website through search engines and with the intention of solving a problem or need for them. However, you may have heard about the problems that cannibalization of SEO content brings to web positioning. If you are looking for ways to avoid it on your website, or if this term is new to you, we will tell you everything about this concept below. What is Keyword cannibalization is one of the most frequent mistakes made in SEO strategies.

Why avoid it SEO Cannibalization

If you are looking to position your website among other search engine pages, keywor  cannibalization will put this strategy at risk. By having more than one page where the same keywords are use in the URL, title or content, the C Level Executive List algorithms of search. Why engines like Google will make these sites compete with each other and instead of benefiting both, the only thing what it will achieve is the lack of successful positioning. How to avoid SEO cannibalization? In order to bring your content strategy to meet its objectives, it will not be enough to know about the existence of , it will also be important to know the ways in which it can be avoid. So that the website you want to position is not competition from another one you have, we share some tips with you.

Use long-tail keywords

You can categorize your content with the correct use of long tail . For example, if more than one of your web pages talks about footwear, there will AWB Directory probably be words within that content that are repeat like “gentleman” and “lady.” Therefore. You can  Why experiment with keywords such as “men’s footwear” or “ladies’ shoes” to prevent the keyword “footwear” from causing keyword cannibalization. Reuse a URL If you have multiple web pages where you use the same keyword, it is best to use a single URL and change its content frequently. For example, if you have an e-commerce and every year you launch a web page with December discounts with a URL ending with “discounts-December-2022”, avoid SEO cannibalization by making a page that simply ends with.

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