Four great tips to help your affiliates sell more

A lot of study on the market segment and its competitors is also key! But it is also necessary to see market opportunities or hit the right moment to launch a new infoproduct. Regardless of external factors—most of which you cannot control—what content producers recognize is the importance of affiliate programs. These people who spread your infoproduct to their networks are essential for the success and continued growth of sales. However, sometimes owning many affiliates does not generate the expected number of sales. Some of these affiliates may not be using the tools available to promote your infoproduct or even know how to use them. And the content producer can.

Teach them how to work with email marketing

Your affiliates promote your product through your network of contacts and use social media and websites to spread your infoproduct. But many have not yet developed the habit of using email marketing. That’s why encourage your affiliates to create a newsletter and use that powerful sales tool. In truth, sending periodic messages executive data highlighting news and promotions can be a differential for selling more, as well as offering a template for your affiliates with content aligned with your strategy. It presents a technological solution to MailChimp shipments , for example, which allows the mass sending of a certain number of messages for free. 

Create training videos

nother way to help your affiliates sell more is to educate them about the marketing process. To do this, you can create videos that explore both the membership platform as well as web tools for content management, social networks, or how to build a solid email base, among other types of training. You must also give all necessary support AWB Directory to affiliates. Use frequently asked questions as a topic for your videos, make sure to provide relevant information about your infoproduct, and always stay in touch. Visit their affiliates’ sites and learn more about them. Leave comments and give your opinion about your impressions and expectations.

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