KPI in Marketing and how to choose your units of measurement on the Internet

What is a KPI ? Sometimes, when you have a business, you are not entirely sure what the variables (or Key Performance Indicator) should be that you should use to evaluate the evolution and result of all the marketing techniques that you are implementing in it. This lack of knowledge, about what works or not, will have a negative impact on our entire marketing plan since, by not knowing which factors we should improve or put more emphasis on, we cannot know if we are taking the right steps nor, therefore, scale our business. What’s more, there are currently many people who, although they have heard or read about it on the Internet.

What is a KPI in Marketing and what are they for?

Imagine that we add one more social network to our Social Media plan to increase the email database traffic of your website and you want to know if your work on this new platform is giving the expected results. In this case, using as indicators the number of new users within that channel, the percentage of visitors who come to your website from this social network and the topic of the publications that are getting the most traffic are reliable units of measurement. These metrics will provide you with relevant and objective information about the performance of that new channel. Now, thinking about providing the most current and complete information possible on the subject.

What characteristics should KPIs have?

Whatever indicators we use, remember that they must measure AWB Directory objective aspects, that is, supported by demonstrable evidence. The main idea when setting a representative and objective KPI is to obtain data and numbers that we can use to quantify the performance of some specific and important point for us. We can measure the number of “likes” or interactions that we have achieved with a publication on a social network, because it is objective data, but we cannot measure the degree of user satisfaction with that same publication, if we have not associated or assigned a more reliable indicator.

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