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Megabyte song on Napster, And possibly also us dial-up connection, In those times, we were patient and tolerant, The internet was a gift, and we were grateful just to be able to use it, But that time is behind us, Today people have the internet on their cell phones, high-spe connections and also rely on their friend Google to deliver the best answers, What this means is that no one waits for a website to load anymore, You have up to 3 seconds to deliver your content to whoever accesses it, If he can’t do that, he leaves and looks for another answer, And there’s another, Many people still use data packages on their cell phones.

Worth checking how and why your website

 And as you know, many users access websites much more on their mobile device than on their computer, So, if someone notices that your website is heavy, you don’t deserve the data package they are paying for, Before thinking about how to improve spe, it’s worth checking how and why your website is heavy, And Google helps you with this, Just use their tool, which is PageSpe ​​Insights, Below is an example of a test carri out on the  Latest database tool, from our project: PageSpe ​​Insights Test Access it and enter your website, If the score is very low, it is a sign that you ne to act on this issue, since, as we said, it will be critical to retaining visitors to your website.

This point is a little more technical and will

 The important point to remember here is that your website is not made for you, It is made for your audience, So your company should focus on improving the experience of those who access it, and not try to create a cool, beautiful and conceptual website, which sacrifices loading spe and does not present the necessary information, 4th: Secure website This point is a little more technical and will have further developments in the future, but there is a quick and necessary approach that nes to be consider, A secure website basically involves your domain or server having an SSL certification, which allows you to use the https  AWB Directory address instead of the more common http, Without getting too technical, the use of https guarantees more security in information.

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