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But how to capture contact information in the most appropriate and efficient way? This is what we will see now: Build forms Here we realize the importance of forms: fields that gather , segment and organize information about each individual who converts into a lead . It is mandatory that the form contains at least one field in which the lead fills in a means of communication (telephone, email or even a physical address) along with an identification (name, position or title).

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Data such as age, gender, education… can be included here. Invest in email marketing When you capture a Latest database lead , you need to nurture their interest throughout the purchasing journey until closing the deal. One of the most effective ways to do this is through email marketing : periodically sending content that delves into the topics that your lead has shown interest in. Each stage of the purchasing journey will require a series of emails (which we call a “flow” or “sequence.

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The success rates of an email marketing strategy tend to start high and then decrease over time. One of the most significant variables for these indicators is content relevance . In this sense, sequences must be designed with the aim of making the lead open each message with the expectation of finding new content capable of transforming their routine , thus increasing the chances of hiring your services and engaging them . When the lead decides to buy, it is your AWB Directory company that he will consume , as he has already had a relationship with it for a long time and trusts your authority.

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