Why Use the Noindex Tag in Most Cases

SEO focuses on a link building strategy based on dofollow links. However, please remember that not all subpages should be included in the search results, so as not to reduce the quality of the website as a whole.

Authority – it needs to be constantly reinforced. Therefore, it is mainly about subpages whose task is not to generate more traffic. The noindex tag, designed in 1996 by x robots, allows you to control the display of the page’s value in Google – we inform you what the recipient should use.

If we are considering using the x robots tag noindex , it is worth checking first which of our pages and subpages are in the search engine index.

Just Enter the Command and Google. Will Display All Subpages From the Indicated Website. Or Use the Google Search Console. Tool and the It is Worth Remembering. This Because the Website Does Not Have to Appear. In a High Position in the Search. Engine and It Will Be Difficult for Us to Find It.

Is the site in the Google index

The biggest benefits of using this type of meta tag are avoiding confusion and making parts of the page easier for users to use. They organize the displayed content.

In some cases, having a smaller number of indexed pages has a Ws Data positive impact on the website’s SEO – with its help you can establish a hierarchy of subpages. In any case, it is worth taking into account the crawl budget when running your website.

The Google search engine index is a collection of all websites available in organic search results – to put it simply, it does not contain all websites from the entire Internet. Using meta robots, you can issue commands to the Google search engine that have a significant impact on the positioning of the website in terms of SEO . It is worth influencing the image of your website to make it easier to use.

Why Does Google Remove a Subpage From the Index

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By using this simple procedure, you prevent less important content from appearing in search results. Thus, you get a more reliable conversion rate.

Remember, however, that the changes introduced AWB Directory do not have to be visible immediately – their effect may begin after a few days or weeks, which is influenced by, among others, Google robots. The easiest way to check it is in Google Search Console statistics.

Once you’ve done some basic analysis, you can start creating your own database of keywords and phrases . Remember that it is on their basis that search engines position your website in terms of potential users’ queries.

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