Noindex Meta Tag What is It and How to Use It

The main goal of an SEO strategy is to increase the visibility of a website and place it in the highest possible position in the search ranking. For this purpose, a number of strategies and methods are used to ensure the website’s presence on the Internet.

However, some websites knowingly remove certain pages from Google’s index. It sounds crazy, right? The robots meta tag is used for this purpose, and one of them is the noindex tag . Learn how to use invisibility in your optimization strategies.

Noindex is one of the meta robots tags, i.e. those that influence the type of indexing of the website and all the links contained therein. It is unable to index the subpage. This is one of the methods of consciously removing a page from the Google index.

Tag noindex what is it about

This tag is placed in the HTML code of the page or returns a header Whatsapp Data in the HTTP response. This will ensure that the website does not appear in search results, but will be available to website users through the use of internal links or menus. This tag will allow you to remove an already indexed subpage from the index.

Many users confuse the noindex tag with the nofollow tag. The latter is an HTML tag for marking links. Using it in your code sends a signal to the search engine to ignore the link.

Originally, the nofollow tag was intended to combat spam in blog comments, but later it was used to manipulate the rating of links leading to a given website.

Noindex and Nofollow Many Users

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Some SEO strategies use it to improve the positioning of a website to improve its quality. Unlike the tag discussed in this article, a site that uses nofollow still appears in SERP results.

Why use the noindex tag?
In most cases, SEO focuses on a link building AWB Directory strategy based on dofollow links. However, please remember that not all subpages should be included in the search results, so as not to reduce the quality of the website as a whole.

Authority – it needs to be constantly reinforced. Therefore, it is mainly about subpages whose task is not to generate more traffic.

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