You can sell ad space directly to merchants who

You can sell ad space directly to merchants who

Just like newspapers with larger circulations can charge more from advertisers. The more popular your website and content are. The more money you’ll make. You can sell ad space directly to merchants who want to advertise next to your website content (this is calle direct selling). Or you can have an ad network (such as google adsense) sell ad space on your behalf. Adsense works by serving ads that are relevant to the content that appears on specific pages within your blog. For example. If your blog is about adventure travel and you just uploade a blog post about a trip to reykjavik. Adsense might show ads for travel insurance. Iceland. Or warm clothing.

Because you own the website where

 the ad appears. Adsense pays you when Germany Phone Number Data someone views or interacts with the ad. Because you can place online ads that are relevant to your blog’s content and readers. Many advertisers will be happy to pay a premium for your ad space. Affiliate marketing: earn income by recommending products resource embee image affiliate marketing is when you add links in your content to products or services that other websites are selling. Here’s how it works: if someone clicks a link on your site to a site with which you have an affiliate relationship and purchases a product you recommend. You get a commission on that sale. If a blog has a loyal audience who are intereste in the products recommende by the blogger.

Then this can be a viable revenue model

Informational. How-to. And lifestyle articles German Phone Number List have many opportunities to promote affiliate products. Taking the adventure travel blog example again. Let’s say you publish a post about going swimming at a wild swimming spot. In this case. You can use affiliate marketing to recommend the gear you nee to prepare for that trip (such as swimwear. Towels. And goggles). When a reader of your blog clicks on a link to a swimsuit you recommend and makes a purchase. You earn money from your blog. However. To maintain your audience’s trust. It’s best to be transparent about your affiliate relationships with merchants. Many countries also have laws requiring disclosure of affiliate marketing relationships.

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