They post substantive content that you

They post substantive content that you

We already know quite a lot about the brand nowadays. However, how exactly is a brand built in the eyes of the recipient or client? Looking at the huge communication noise that surrounds us, where is the truth and what is just an advertisement? What is the company paying for, and what is real? This is one of the biggest challenges fac by marketers as creators , customers and recipients. Imagine a situation that you are thinking about establishing cooperation with ABC. You know a lot about them from their website, brochures, commercial offer. But you want to know more.

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Is what they write in beautiful and colorful leaflets true? What are you doing? Like every person of the st century, you enter your password in Google, bypass the corporate website and go to … opinions. You look for them on specializ websites, but more and more often also on social mia. You look at what comments are Latest Mailing Database posts, whether they are positive or negative. Is it working? Opinions are many, but you again wonder if they are true Reliable After all, you’ve heard of word-of-mouth marketing. However, you come across publications of emoyees of a given company who are happy to share their opinion. They describe their works, interesting projects and challenges they face.

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You think that if an emoyee is writing this on their own social mia accounts , there must be something to it. If emoyees willingly represent the brand they work for, it inspires your trust and builds the image of the company. feel wasn’t forc. Their posts are not clich by the marketing department. This is it. This is AWB Directory Emoyee Advocacy, advocacy about the company by an emoyee. A little more practice, less theory. Including the key to a good Emoyee Advocacy program. The years when I start working in sales were the time when you bought from a company or brand Brand matter then.

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